Warzone players slam new Last Call LTM’s “frustrating” performance issues

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Despite positive reception to Warzone’s new LTM mode, Last Call, players slammed the mode’s “laggy” and “frustrating” performance.

Warzone’s Season 5 content arrived on August 24, 2022, bringing changes to Caldera and a new Limited-Time mode.

The new LTM, Operation: Last Call, is a spin on Call of Duty’s classic Search and Destroy mode.

Unfortunately, some players have had trouble playing Operation: Last Call, slamming its laggy performance across platforms.

Operation: Last Call LTM’s performance issues

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Despite positive reception to the new Operation: Last Call LTM, players are frustrated with its glaring performance issues.

Multiple posts on social media platforms and online forums cropped up after multiple players experienced severe lag during play.

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A post on the CODWarzone subreddit showed the issue in action via a short video clip, where one player struggled to even move during gameplay.

After one player asked if the original poster was on PS5 and using WiFi, they responded that they were “on ethernet, on a PS4” with reasonable speeds.

Reddit user Knight-112 said “Same issue on PS5 for me. And I’m using Ethernet. I’ve had this problem for the past week but today it’s insane.”

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Of course, simply having an ethernet connection is not a catch-all for slow WiFi issues.

However, the general consensus from commenters seems to be that internet speeds aren’t an issue, but rather the mode itself is hampering performance.

“When the volcano meter goes up the game just breaks like this,” said Turigerimi, noting the performance issues seem to come from in-game situations.

A different thread popped up on the same subreddit, with players calling the performance “annoying” and “frustrating.”

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“It sucks ‘cause I feel like I’d really like this mode, but it’s tough to get through with the stutter [and] lag as it is right now,” said car362.

With any luck, Raven Software will take note of fan outcry and roll out a fix to smooth out performance issues so players can fully enjoy Operation: Last Call.

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