Warzone players slam Activision amid claims cheaters are “on the rise” in Season 2

Warzone player parachuting in over CalderaActivision

Warzone players have hit out at publishers Activision over the anti-cheat system RICOCHET, claiming that the battle royale’s hacking situation is actually worsening across Pacific Season 2. 

Warzone has been an undeniable success for Activision, hitting 100 million players and collating content from the last three CoD titles in an unprecedented manner. However, there have been downsides along the way.

Recent seasons have been dominated by bugs and glitches, with the situation becoming so severe that Activision and Raven actually apologized for the game’s continuous list of problems.

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The biggest issue by some margin, though, has been cheating. Since day one, hackers have been far too prevalent for anyone’s liking, with any player of any caliber almost certain to have died to an opponent bending the rules at least once. Despite the introduction of RICOCHET anti-cheat, that appears to still be the case.

RICOCHET has dropped, but cheats have not gone away in their entirety.

In what will be unwelcome news to 99.9% of players, reports suggest the number of cheaters is rising again.

Redditor ‘Extension_Variety908‘ sparked discussion by asking whether other players have experienced an increase in cheaters again.

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They said: “Is it just me or is anyone else getting sus kills. Everytime I play Rebirth I always get killed by a guy snapping onto my head or not looking at me and then turning around and quick-scoping me in the head.”

Plenty of other players echoed the comments, with many saying that wallhacks, in particular, seem more common in Warzone. One said: “I honestly think there are many people using walls… the killcam CLEARLY shows them staring at and following us through walls. It’s obvious they’re cheating. I honestly haven’t seen any aimbotters for a long time now though.”

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Another player slammed Activision for these issues, saying: “There’s supposedly an anti-cheat but today alone I’ve played 6 matches with cheaters using Both Aimbot and Walls. Ricochet is a lie.”

Here’s hoping the game’s publishers can get a grip on the situation moving forwards, and reports of cheating fall once again.