Warzone players seriously frustrated and demand fire ammo nerf again

Jacob Hale
Warzone operator holding gun

Warzone players are demanding nerfs to a seriously frustrating weapon attachment once again, with fire ammo becoming a huge issue since the Vanguard integration.

Longtime Warzone players will have not-so-fond memories of the fire ammunition attachments available in the game.

The inclusion of fire ammunition was prevalent on shotguns throughout the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War eras, making for a doubly frustrating combination of insane damage stats and, of course, the paralyzing fire rounds.

They were eventually nerfed and Verdansk became less of a fiery, shotgun-infested game, but since the Vanguard integration, the issue has arisen once again.

Warzone doof doof r9-0
Infinity Ward
Some players are having flashbacks to the infamous ‘doof doof’ meta.

Now, fire rounds are available on most weapon classes, and they’ve become a real nuisance for players trying to dominate in Caldera.

On top of the “toxic” akimbo double-barrel shotgun loadout that is wreaking havoc in Caldera, Warzone players are finding the game increasingly annoying to play.

“Every single person is running the fire ammunition on their setup. Why is this even in the game,” asked ArchMageMagnus. “It’s so OP that you’d be an idiot not to run it on every gun once it’s unlocked. Every single engagement I was in last night had this in their loadout.”

Much of the responses were in agreement that the incendiary rounds are overpowered but insisted that running the E.O.D. perk is a necessity with the current Warzone meta, and makes the fire damage much less frustrating.

While this is true, some players don’t want to be forced into running one particular perk just to counter an attachment that seems overpowered, especially if they prefer the increased speed that comes from popular Perk 1 Double Time.

Whether devs Raven decide to nerf the incendiary rounds again remains to be seen, but it’s causing some serious PTSD for players that have only just got over the ‘doof doof’ meta of yesteryear.