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Warzone players scold devs for April Fools update: “Fix the game first”

Published: 3/Apr/2022 20:29

by Jaret Kappelman


Some Warzone fans have been furious with Raven Software as game-breaking issues linger. And they are hitting at the devs for the April Fools update for making a “joke” patch instead of fixing actual issues.

On April 1, Warzone devs got into the spirit of the worldwide April Fools Day by releasing a gag patch that added tons of silliness to the battle royale.

While it definitely took away from the core of Warzone, fans seemed overwhelmingly excited with it and thanked the devs for bringing this to the game.

However, there are always two sides to a story, and this isn’t a fairytale ending for Raven as players are fuming over the problems that still aren’t fixed.


Some Warzone players were not in the laughing spirit and hated the April Fools update.

Warzone community wants actual fixes to game

In a Reddit post by ‘Bardan01’ the user wanted to know how long to “avoid the game” because of the April Fools update.

They said that they worked a long week so they don’t want to come home and hop into a “chaotic mode” when they’re “trying to get better.”

Some people hit back at complainers telling them to just sit back and “enjoy the fun” while another Reddit thread said there is not way to “please this community.”Here people were calling all of these haters “party poopers,” as they thought this LTM was the best ever.


However, in Raven’s tweet announcing the April Fools patch, many people responded with ‘why not fix this’ or ‘this is still a problem’ and ‘fix the main issues first.’ It is clear that the community wants the core issues fixed, and even though Season 2 Reloaded resolved some, there are still many problems.

They have marked those on their Trello board, but things like FPS dropping, guns being unbalanced, and hackers running loose are still plaguing the game.