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Warzone players request major death comms change for next-level trash talk

Published: 26/Nov/2021 13:11

by Jacob Hale


Some Warzone players have asked for a major change to death comms in the game, taking trash talk to a whole new level.

One of the defining features of Warzone that separates it from the competition is the inclusion of death comms.

While it’s not possible in the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, when you kill an opponent in Warzone you’re given exclusive, momentary access to hear what they’re saying, if they have their mic on in game chat.

It makes for some hilarious moments, hearing your enemies rage after you’ve made a mockery of them, as well as sometimes providing some valuable intel from their callouts. But some Warzone players think there’s room for improvement.


Players fighting on Verdansk in Call of Duty Warzone
This could make winning gunfights even more rewarding.

After winning an intense gunfight, or completely embarrassing your enemies, hearing them complain about it feels great — but how could it be made even better?

WolfhoundJP has come up with an idea that could be a game-changer, and it looks as though many are in agreement: two-way death comms.

Saying that “There were many times I wished this were a feature,” the suggestion of two-way death comms would mean being able to trash talk your opponents after you beat them, and it could be an incredible idea.

The only thing more humiliating than being spun around and played like a fiddle by an opponent is if they could let you know about it after — and we don’t want to imagine some of the things you would hear.


Other players also suggested that proximity chat would work well, too, though it might not end up as intense as those few seconds in death comms.

With the upcoming Warzone Pacific Vanguard integration on December 8, bringing the new Caldera map with it, Warzone is set to undergo some huge changes. Could two-way death comms be a new feature?