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Warzone players pick most underrated perks that should be used in Season 6

Published: 15/Oct/2021 11:59

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have made some big picks when it comes to the most “underrated” and underused perks in the battle royale, with many taking High Alert as their go-to. 

Just like with the different weapons and equipment in Warzone, the meta around perks has shifted quite a few times as well, especially after Raven introduced two Warzone-specific perks.

In the early days of the battle royale, players would run Cold-Blooded or E.O.D in slot one, Overkill or Ghost in slot two, and Amped or Shrapnel in slot three. Alternate choices like Quick Fix, Tracker, Tune Up, and Battle Hardened have also had some love, but they’ve slipped back down the popularity charts.


The introduction of Combat Scout and Tempered helped shape the meta again, much to the annoyance of some players who believe its become a bit stale and boring. As a result, fans are trying to get some underused choices to rise up the ranks and receive some more love.

Warzone’s meta perks have shifted over time.

For some, including Redditor DefunctHunk_COD, the most underrated perk in the battle royale is High Alert – the perk that lets you know when somebody has looked right at you, letting you focus your attention in that direction.

According to WZRanked, it has a 2.50% pick rate currently, and players believe that is far too low. “I’ve been using high alert for months. Absolutely insane perk!” said xReUpx. “It’s perfect for solos,” added another fan.”High Alert is Godlike.”


Some players also noted that they “wouldn’t leave home without it” even though the perk has landed them a few accusations about hacking from time to time.

High Alert (2.5% usage rate) is the most underrated perk in the game. Change my mind. from CODWarzone

Of course, not everyone agrees with the takes. Some players believe Pointman and Kill Chain are actually more underrated given they have a 0.1% and 1.40%pick rate respectively.

Players have also noted that using High Alert can be a bit wasteful given the high pick rate of Cold Blooded as a counter, and it means losing perks like Restock or Ghost.

We’ll have to wait and see if the perk wins fans over though and if its pick rate continues to rise.