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Warzone players mindblown by wallbang spot through thick concrete

Published: 22/Mar/2022 10:57

by Andrew Highton


Call of Duty: Warzone players are always having to face danger as they seek to claim a Warzone Victory in Caldera and Rebirth Island. But a new danger has been discovered that makes the most obvious cover illusory.

It seems that every so often there is something completely unexplainable in Warzone that boggles the mind of players. From game-breaking wallhacks to players getting underneath Caldera’s map and killing people illegally.

But now, Raven Software have a new problem to overcome as some of the battlefields they’re providing aren’t what they appear. Meaning, shots that would otherwise cannon off of solid surface are killing players unorthodoxly.


plane flying over rebirth island in warzone
Players might have to be mindful of where they should land in Rebirth.

Wallbang Warzone strikes again

When you’re in the middle of a firefight, or it’s one-way fire and you’re desperately trying to seek some solace behind cover to regroup, plate up, or reload, the last thing you need is the concrete wall protecting you actually being as thick as a piece of paper.

This is the case, at present, for Warzone’s Rebirth Island AKA Alcatraz. As JosieLinkly found out the hard way, thick concrete walls on the island don’t mean anything, literally.

Josie had just dropped back in, managed to score a quick kill, and quickly realized that they were under fire from afar. They went prone behind the concrete pillar in front of them, obviously looking for some respite.


Instead, they were dropped dead in an instant and sent packing.

The footage showed the player’s killcam, and despite being several buildings over, the enemy player used the Combat Scout perk to identify the poor player. For some reason, the bullets clearly went through the solid, sturdy, concrete pillar, ending them unfairly.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this before in Warzone and it begs the question how many spots there are like this in either Caldera or Alcatraz.