Warzone players inspired by “absolute chad” Modern Warfare loadout

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Call of Duty: Warzone fans are impressed by one player’s nostalgic, underrated loadout. After seeing some highlight plays, people are labeling a player’s Modern Warfare Oden and Uzi class the “absolute chad” loadout.

It’s fun to get kills and wins in Warzone, this is an objective truth. But you know what makes it even more fun? Doing so with a loadout that nobody else is using because it isn’t meta.

That’s precisely what Reddit’s ‘spideyjiri’ by bringing Modern Warfare’s Oden and Uzi out to Rebirth Island. The guns are two years old and have practically never been considered meta in the battle royale, but that wasn’t stopping spidey.

First, they brought the Oden out in the pregame lobby. You can simply hear the satisfaction and pure delight in spidey’s voice as fakplayers reacted to the gun that downed them.

Warzone player unleashes Modern Warfare Oden loadout

After spidey absolutely erased someone, they responded in shock: “Oden?” A moment later, spidey killed the same person – who once again repeated, “Oden.” 

While spidey, and many others on Reddit, enjoyed the surprise at this non-meta loadout, some weren’t so convinced. A number of replies said “it’d be better to see in game not pre game lobby…” and spidey accepted the challenge.

Warzone’s “absolute chad” Modern Warfare loadout

In a new video, titled “the most UNDERRATED MW loadout,” spidey showed the unique AR and SMG combination in a real game. A number of people still discredited the class, with one saying that those kills could “have been done better with a different gun.”

Nevertheless, most appreciated this loadout – which certainly goes against the grain. Amidst a variety of compliments to the Oden, one Redditor was convinced: “Alright I’ll build an Oden f**k it.”

Even if the Oden and Uzi aren’t exactly meta and are less viable than other weapons, it’s nice to see people enjoying the tools they prefer. Spideyjiri may not have produced the most exhilarating highlights, but they did enough to convince players that this nostalgic, “absolute chad” loadout is worth trying out.