Warzone players hit out at devs over Modern Warfare MP5 nerf

Jacob Hale
Warzone MP5 modern warfare

Warzone players are hitting out at the devs after the Modern Warfare MP5 received a nerf in the Season 5 Reloaded update, complaining that the game is purposely nerfing MW weapons to bolster the Cold War ones.

After Season 5 launched, some players found that the 30mm rounds on the Modern Warfare MP5 had had some sort of secret buff, making them more powerful than ever before, and they quickly became more popular in Verdansk.

The MP5 was always a popular pick in Warzone, but fell to the wayside with the likes of the OTs 9 and Mac 10 picking up steam in the game.

Devs Raven Software obviously found some issue with the MP5’s 30mm rounds, though, and addressed it in the S5 Reloaded patch notes — and people aren’t happy.

Modern Warfare MP5 Warzone
The Modern Warfare MP5 is deadly at close-range.

One angry customer was Regular_Phrase5251, who took to Reddit to ask “why the f*ck they are still nerfing the MW MP5.”

The responses suggest that players believe Raven to be nerfing Modern Warfare weapons to buff the Cold War ones, with one even saying that they “should just say clearly they’re nerfing the MW guns because they want you to buy CW stuff.”

The best argument against the nerf came from D4nzia, though, who said that the increased damage on the 30mm rounds was a direct trade-off for the lack of ammunition it supplies.

This does make sense, but we’ll have to see how the gun plays out in Warzone before truly judging it.

Of course, the MW MP5 will likely still be one of the more popular SMGs in the game, though in comparison to the Cold War variant, the Mac 10 and the OTs, it might struggle to really make a huge mark on the meta.