Warzone players still furious with Infinity Ward over hacking problem

. 2 years ago
Warzone cheaters.

Warzone players are still furious with Infinity Ward amid the slew of cheaters continuing to plague the battle royale.

Cheating in competitive gaming is inevitable. Developers face the nigh-on-impossible task of policing the threat of hackers spoiling the party for those legitimately grinding their way through the ranks.

While certain games seem to have more of a stronghold in the fight against cheaters, there have been some that have notably struggled to fend off the threat. It’s fair to say that Warzone falls within that category.

Despite Infinity Ward’s best efforts, cheaters are still running riot in their battle royale. Following Infinity Ward’s use of the banhammer, plenty of notable players criticized the devs for their response. Some even argued that Warzone needs some kind of anti-cheat software to tackle the cheaters head-on.

Infinity Ward's response to hackers in Warzone.
Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward released this community message as part of their response to the ongoing battle with cheaters.

Infinity Ward under fire amid Warzone cheating

Warzone is now five months into its tenure as arguably the best battle royale on the market. Regardless of the rampant cheating, the game provides the very best of what Call of Duty has to offer.

And given just how well-received the game has been, player frustrations are starting to show, since cheaters are continuing to prevail and ruin the experience for everyone. One Redditor vented their anger towards Infinity Ward’s “ridiculous” inability to counter the game’s biggest threat.

“It’s really ridiculous that this company can’t do something about the stupid amount of hackers. How many millions and millions at their disposal and they can’t do a goddamn thing? F**king bullshit…”

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag battle
Infinity Ward
Some players are getting an unfair advantage in Warzone, by using cheats to get one up on their opponent.

The post garnered some responses from the community, with the consensus agreeing that Infinity Ward needs to take action. “With the number of hacks available, it doesn’t look like they’re able to get control over this problem. It sucks so bad,” another user commented.

In response, one user argued that the sales numbers are what’s dictating Infinity Ward’s supposed lack of action. “Sadly they won’t fix the hacking problem. They just don’t care. People keep buying battle passes and skins and that’s all they care about. They don’t even try to go after any hackers websites.”

Of course, going after hackers by tackling them head-on with anti-cheat software is an extremely complicated process. Given that Warzone is cross-platform, the anti-cheat would require meticulous planning and execution to ensure there were no loopholes to exploit. But who knows, perhaps Infinity Ward has something up their sleeves in the not too distant future.

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