When is Rebirth Island Trios coming back in Warzone? Players frustrated mode's removal
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Warzone players furious over removal of Rebirth Island Trios in Season 1

Published: 30/Dec/2020 11:48 Updated: 30/Dec/2020 12:12

by Alex Garton


There’s a lot of anger in the Warzone community as Rebirth Island Trios have been rotated out. Rebirth Island Quads Mini Royale has replaced the mode, and it’s fair to say players are not happy about it.

The arrival of Rebirth Island Trios with the Season 1 Warzone update was met with mixed reactions from the community. Some players loved the fast-paced gameplay and constant gunfights, whereas others complained the island was simply too small.

Despite this, the mode was becoming extremely popular heading into the second week of Season 1. Therefore, it’s no surprise that players have hit back with complaints now the Trios mode has been removed.


Rebirth Island map location
Infinity Ward/Activision
The integration of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone was released on December 16.

Warzone players angry at the removal of Rebirth Trios

A thread posted to the CODWarzone subreddit criticizing the rotation of Rebirth Trios has over 1800 upvotes at the time of writing.

The post simply expresses frustration that the Rebirth Trios mode has been removed just after the game had become enjoyable for a lot of players: “Just when I started to enjoy the game again… they had to remove it, slap in some stupid quad gamemode and a stupid gulag.”

Map of Rebirth Island
Infinity Ward/Activision
The Rebirth Island map is significantly smaller than Verdansk and hosts only 40 players.

The new Mini Royale Quads mode takes the chaos of Rebirth Island to a new level, effectively halving the size of the already small map. Unfortunately, this new mode has not been well-received by the community and players are requesting for Trios to be brought back.


There’s obvious frustration from players that the developers do not listen to their feedback. This is clear in the multiple comments that express how “tired” fans are of good game modes being removed.

There’s no doubt that Rebirth Island Trios were incredibly popular. Some fans have even gone on record to say it “could have been a stand-alone game it was so good.”

Warzone player’s love for the mode primarily revolved around the fact that it encouraged aggressive play. By having both Verdansk and Rebirth Island Trios, players had a choice depending on which style of gameplay they preferred.


When is Rebirth Island Trios coming back to Warzone?

It’s difficult to say when exactly Rebirth Island Trios will return to Warzone. Typically, the game modes are rotated every Tuesday of each week. Of course, there may be a number of new Rebirth Island modes we haven’t seen yet so it’s unclear how many rotations it will take before Trios returns.

We’ll have to see if the developers listen to the plea of the fans and bring back Rebirth Trios earlier than expected. It’s most likely that the community will simply have to wait for the mode to be rotated back in.

Unfortunately, it could be a number of weeks or months before it comes back around.