Warzone players furious as Ultra Operator skin looks totally different in-game

Jaret Kappelman

With Season Four of Warzone the game introduced Ultra Skin Operators that players could unlock through challenges. There has been another one added but this time it is available through the store and players are not happy with how it looks in-game.

Warzone players are constantly getting blueprints, camos, and Operator skins to improve the way they look while running around Verdansk.

Back in June the game was introduced to its first installation of Ultra Operator skins which could be unlocked by doing challenges in Warzone.

However in this latest bundle released to the store, players feel like they’re getting bamboozled with a preview of the operator skin that doesn’t look like anything they see in-game.

Iridescent Jackal Operator Skin
The Iridescent Jackal Operator Skin was the first Ultra one that was put into Warzone.

New Ultra Operator skin lacks detail in-game

Warzone players are not thrilled with Activision’s latest bundle and call it “lazy.” The new Magma Fury Ultra Skin Bundle hit the stores at the start of August.

People are noticing that the skin looks really cool in the preview menu with fire, color, and lots of detail but when they drop into Verdansk things don’t quite look the same.

As seen in the pictures above the skin is full of flames and glowing with detail while viewing it in the shop but while using it in-game it appears the flames have been extinguished and lack a lot of color.

These bundles cost players CoD Points which they can acquire through the Battle Pass or by purchasing them in the store. One Redditor saw this and immediately wondered why anyone would even buy this expensive bundle.

Another person responded saying that the flames were the selling point and that is why people are buying the skin but they are doing so just to be let down by the lackluster of in-game details.

For now, it’s unclear if Activision will take the feedback and make changes, but the community is very against people buying this skin claiming they are getting ripped off for what was promised from the store preview.