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Call of Duty

Warzone players frustrated by unfair deaths due to bugged “one-way” railings

Published: 19/Jul/2021 21:38

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Warzone is filled with bugs, but this may be one of the more irritating ones to hit Verdansk. It prevents players from shooting through the stair railing, while letting enemies comfortably do so.

With every Warzone update there are bound to be some issues that arise as people drop in. And one such issue is catching the eye (and the ire) of players after being posted on Reddit.

There’s been a newly discovered bug in Verdansk that will hurt you if caught on the wrong side.

This could possibly put yourself at a huge disadvantage or an advantage, so here is what’s going on with this latest bug.


One-way railings in Warzone

In this installment of Warzone bugs, a player can not shoot through a railing in a staircase if that player is standing behind it.

Are we genuinely not able to shoot through this fence made of 95% air? from CODWarzone

However a player standing on the other side of it, or at the bottom of the staircase, will be able to beam you through it and you never had a shot to begin with.

This could change the way people position themselves when it comes to holding down a building.

Taking the high ground and looking down the staircase could cause some of your bullets to ghost and not hit the person you are shooting at.


One Redditor wasn’t too thrilled to see this bug and noted that you can not shoot through a railing, but you can shoot through nearly every wall in the game.

Warzone is full of different structures, all seeming to have different wall-bang properties.

Other members of the community were not surprised to see this bug pop up and said, “Are you saying we should have fun and realistic games to play? Are you high or something?”

This does raise the discussion of realistic versus video game, but even though the railing mostly has gaps in between each bar players think that it should at least be wall-bangable.

This would do reduced damage but would still allow a fair gun fight regardless of what side of the railing you are on.