Warzone players frustrated as Vargo bugs continue despite supposed “fix”

Shay Robson

Warzone players are frustrated with the recently released Vargo 52 rifle that’s still bugged despite a recent patch that claimed to fix it.

Despite 2020’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s life cycle now technically being over with the release of Vanguard, the Treyarch developers are still committed to the game.

In fact, they dropped an update that was a surprise to many in early March, bringing a breath of fresh air to the battle royale with a new map and a new gun: the Vargo 52.

However, the new assault rifle was released with a frustrating reloading bug, and even after a supposed “fix”, it’s still causing issues.

Cold War Vargo 52
The Vargo 52 was added on March 4, 2022.

In a March 11 Reddit thread, Warzone player FiSk919 was still experiencing the reload error with the new Vargo 52, despite devs claiming they had patched it.

“I saw the patch notes saying they fixed it the other day. I unlocked it last night and tried using it. I had no other mags for it yet but the stock mag is still bugged for me,” said FiSk919. “When I reload it doesn’t reload right away and I have to stand still for it to happen.

“If I don’t stand still it won’t reload. I know this was big when it first dropped, but they did say it was fixed in the patch notes. So that’s why I waited to unlock it.”

Others are apparently experiencing the same issue when reloading the Vargo, even with other magazines equipped. “The 60 rd mag is still bugged too. I don’t think they actually fixed it,” said one.

Another added: “Reload is still bugged on all mags, not sure why they said they fixed it.”

Furthermore, the reload glitch isn’t the only issue with the new rifle. Others are experiencing a bug with the Ferrofluid blueprint, where the weapon won’t load in-game after completing it.

For now, players will have to wait it out till the next patch and hope the devs fix the issues the second time around.