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Warzone players frustrated as double weapon XP is broken yet again

Published: 4/Jul/2021 11:07 Updated: 4/Jul/2021 11:09

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have been reporting that double Weapon XP is not actually active, even though it’s being advertised as such in-game, and they want Raven to fix it.

Grinding your way through the multiplayer levels in Call of Duty has been an annual tradition for many fans, but it has changed a little bit in recent years.

On top of your own personal level, you’ve got to level up weapons to get the best attachments, but there are just so many attachments these days, that the leveling can be a tiring slog.

Double XP weekends and tokens usually help, however, players have been reporting that double weapon XP is currently not working as intended in Warzone and they’re wasting their tokens.


Double XP is always a fun time in CoD.

Is Double XP working in Warzone?

There have been countless complaints from players who are trying to level up their weapons in Season 4, especially over the July 4th holiday weekend.

“Every so often they have a double weapon XP weekend and it ends up being bull**it. It doesn’t work all weekend. They never fix it or acknowledge it. Really stupid and discouraging,” said Redditor TheLonelyLion_. “F**king scummy a*s s**t, we used to be able to stack double XP tokens on top of double XP weekend, giving a total of 4X, that doesn’t work anymore as of this update,” added another.


Some players even suggested that the problem wasn’t limited to double Weapon XP, and was affecting normal leveling too. “I’m not crazy after all. And might I say, double level XP doesn’t work either,” added justagamerguy.

Double weapon XP is, yet again, not working from CODWarzone

Other players took to Twitter to tag the devs in their posts to see if they could get an answer that way.

“Double XP Weapon is confirmed not working. Have checked twice. Please fix,” commented one player, while others tried to drag content creators like JGOD into the conversation to make more players aware of the issue.

Some players have taken to Cold War’s multiplayer mode, given that the bonus appears to be working there, but they’d rather play Warzone.


It remains to be seen if a fix will ever get rolled out for this issue.