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Warzone players figure out perfect way to hold Dirt Bike races

Published: 4/Jul/2021 23:47

by Nick Farrell


Sometimes, it is better to just let loose and have a bit of fun during a match of Warzone, so a few players took to the streets to have a classic motocross race! 

Warzone is an always-evolving game, there are constant meta changes and usually, Activision add some new weapons for players to try out when they release a new season. Along with the flurry of weapons in the game, they’ve recently added bikes with the release of Warzone Season 4.

These bikes are rather tricky to handle when driving, so a lot of players are not so keen on taking one over the regular SUV or Big Bertha. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be used for other purposes, as some Warzone players have devised the perfect way to have a dirt bike race.


warzone dirt bikes
Warzone now has an ample amount of options to move around the map!

Warzone players have a Dirt Bike race

Having fun while gaming with your buddies is something we often overlook, especially when playing high-octane games such as Warzone, as competitiveness usually takes the front seat nowadays.

However, some fans shared a post on Reddit that’s definitely on the lighter side of gaming, as they were able to organize a fun race within Verdansk. But all good things must come to an end, as someone spoiled their race towards the end of the video.

Using the already-placed track on the left side of the Verdansk map, somewhere near Boneyard and Promenade, these players took a few laps around the course before heading to drag race down one of the long stretches of roads on the map.


However, their race was unfortunately interrupted due to some opposing players on the map seeing them drive by and deciding to take down a few of them. But this clip is still amazing to see, as it proves that anything really is possible in Warzone, and we are sure other players are going to try and recreate it.