Warzone players figure out bandaid fix for kills & wins stats not tracking

. 11 months ago
Warzone players figure out bandaid fix for kills & wins stats not tracking

Warzone players are frustrated as, once again, stats from games are not being tracked properly in-game. This last happened and got fixed in April, but it’s back and, this time, players have taken matters into their own hands — finding a temporary fix for the issue.

To some players in Warzone, the only thing that matters is having that nice looking K/D or stacks of wins on their profile .

After completing a game of Warzone, players load back into the lobby and get a post-match screen that shows how many kills you got, your final placement, and XP earned. This should all update your career stats, which can be accessed in the “Barracks” tab.

People have been noticing that things aren’t quite adding up the way they should be, though. Between XP not being given out and now stats not being tracked, the Warzone community is looking for answers.

Warzone stats (kills & wins) not counting properly

Bruen Mk9 Warzone
Warzone players have noticed that kills and wins are not being tracked in-game as intended.

Just three months after Raven Software fixed an issue of kills and wins not counting in player’s career stats, Warzone players once again are faced with the same issue.

The community rallied on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook when responding to posts noting that the right amount of XP wasn’t being given as earned.

Players have realized that after games, the amount of kills they got and wins they earned aren’t showing up no matter how many times they’ve updated their in-game page.

Some players have considered not playing if there is nothing to show for everything that they have accomplished while playing Warzone. Fortunately, others have figured out a way to see their real numbers.

Warzone players figure out fix for broken stats

Players have discovered that there is a loophole to the stats not showing up. If you check out Warzone stat tracking websites such as WZ Stats and WZ Ranked, players can see true career stats.

These websites are keeping track of every game you are playing despite them not showing up in-game. Whether dropping into Verdansk for some BR or Payload, and even tracking Rebirth Resurgence, these tracking websites have you covered. (Just make your account public first to access them.)

These sites use Warzone’s API to grab data for public accounts, so this suggests the game is still accurately tracking stats. With that being the case, players are therefore hopeful that Raven Software can patch the Barracks up so that these stats are updated from the API without skipping a beat.

At the time of writing, there has been no comment from the dev team saying they are aware of this issue or working on a fix for it. But, on the plus side, the sites can help you out in the meantime.

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