Warzone players divided over Perk changes: Ghost nerf, Restock spam


Raven Software recently revealed major buffs and nerfs to Perks in Warzone, including Ghost, Scavenger, and Quick Fix. However, the community is split on whether or not the changes are for the better.

After the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update ushered in a slew of major changes to both Caldera and Rebirth Island, players quickly began noticing some gameplay changes that hadn’t been mentioned in the patch notes.

CoD expert TrueGameData discovered that the controversial Ghost Perk had been secretly nerfed into the ground, then JGOD followed up by revealing that both Quick Fix and Restock had been buffed.

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Raven have since confirmed that they have deployed massive changes to five Warzone Perks and updated the patch notes to reflect them. Meanwhile, the community has been fiercely debating whether or not the changes were the right call.

Ghost Perk in WarzoneThe Ghost Perk was a go-to option for many players before its nerf.

The Ghost Perk was hit the hardest by the changes. Those using it are now only hidden from the map when moving, drastically limiting its usefulness and completely changing the way many Warzone players will approach combat.

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Raven also opted to increase the protection offered by E.O.D, put Stims on a 60-second cooldown and reduce the overall recharge time when using Restock, give an Armor Plate to Scavenger users when they loot an enemy, and start health regeneration when using an Armor Plate with Quick Fix.

The reasoning behind the Perk revamp is that many of Warzone’s options were “originally built for a multiplayer experience,” and this is the developer’s way of tuning the game to suit a battle royale.

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The updated Perks have proved divisive among players. In response to the developer’s tweet, ModernWarzone called the new Perks a “W,” saying: “Loving the most recent updates and really think the future is looking bright for Warzone!”

Although some players welcomed the changes with open arms, others feel they promote styles of play that will make the game less fun overall. “The amount of toxicity that’s gonna come from Restock, stuns, and flashes is going to be ridiculous,” said Aldosarii on Reddit. “Imagine a team of 4 spamming that s**t.”

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Others argued that Raven is catering to hardcore players more than casuals by nerfing Ghost, a popular choice for stealthy gameplay.

Once again it’s a middle finger to anyone who doesn’t like to play drenched in b**l sweat,” replied another enraged fan. “The first circle cuts off half the map before you’ve even landed, there are about a million bounties that go on you more than once and now Ghost has been nerfed.

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“This is bad news for the casual [players] like me,” agreed Chris Ellis. “For me, the game is getting harder and harder to a point where I simply won’t play. The skill gap is too large now.”

While there are vastly differing opinions among the community, the developers are clearly convinced that the tweaks are for the best, calling them a “glimpse of what is to come in Season Three.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the new-look Perks affect the flow of Warzone matches before making a judgment. Hopefully, players will adapt to them quickly and the backlash won’t continue for too long into the new season.

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