Warzone players discover hidden high tier loot zone on Caldera map

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Warzone players continue to find hidden gems on the map Caldera, with the latest discovery revealing the location of a hidden high value loot zone.

Over a year after the map was released, most Warzone players seem to have figured out the tips and tricks to conquer Caldera.

From the best landing spots on the Pacific island to the locations of high value loot, most of the map’s secrets have long ago been unlocked and shared. And with Warzone 2‘s release fast approaching, many players are looking forward to see what the next map will have to offer.

But an eagle-eyed Warzone player on Reddit seems to have found one hidden secret on Caldera.

Hidden high value loot zone on Caldera

High value loot zones are designated areas on the map where players will be able to find high-tier loot and cash to buy weapons or other equipment.

These locations will change from match to match, meaning that players will have to adjust their strategy with each game.

Among Caldera’s 15 points of interest, Power Plant sits in the southwest corner of the island.

According to Reddit user LebSonny, in certain matches there will be a high value loot zone at Power Plant, even if it is not marked.

LebSonny says that in every game on Caldera, there should be four different high value loot zones, but in some matches only three are shown.

In these games, the missing zone is actually guaranteed to be located at Power Plant.

Now, Power Point can have high value loot zones in other games and they should be marked, but this could be an important tip to help win your next Warzone match.

If this Redditor is correct, keep count of the number of high value loot zones marked on the map. And if you only see three, make a beeline for Power Plant.