Warzone player’s “demon” movement prompts calls for speed nerfs before Warzone 2


Call of Duty: Warzone players have been left stunned by a player moving at “demon” speed on Rebirth Island, leading to calls for Raven Software to make some swift changes.

Since Warzone first launched as a part of Modern Warfare back in 2020, players have constantly voiced their concerns with different aspects of the battle royale, with movement continually coming under the microscope.

Plenty of players have been frustrated by things like slide canceling and how parachutes operate, calling for Raven Software to make a few changes.

With Warzone 2 on the horizon, it has been rumored that slide canceling will be a thing of the past – or at least won’t be so overpowered – but it continues to be an issue for players right now.

Warzone players baffled by “demon” movement speed

On August 20, Redditor Any-Statistician-214 was left bemused after they came up against a player who was running incredibly fast after slide canceling around a tree and then launching themselves towards the baffled player.

“What in the actual?!” the Redditor asked as they were gunned down by the fast-moving player after having little to no chance to defend themselves in the close-range fight.

Plenty of players joined in with the poster’s bemusement too, with some pushing for change. “I think COD is an arcade shooter, I’m ok with some speed, but that’s not OK,” said one. “Literally looks like he’s ice skating, and people are blaming you for not tracking him smh,” added another. “You fought a demon.”

Other players called the speed of the other player “ridiculous” and noted that things like Stim Shots and movement buffing attachments should be tweaked even before Warzone 2 launches.

At the end of the day, the call to make massive changes like that is with Raven Software, and who knows what they’ve got planned for the next few Warzone updates.