Warzone players demand nerfs to “toxic” Akimbo Double Barrel loadout

Warzone players are demanding nerfs to the “broken” and “toxic” Akimbo Double Barrel that is currently decimating anything that stands in its way. 

Warzone’s meta is constantly changing with each and every update. Previously a weapon that many overlooked, Vanguard’s Double Barrel shotgun is now one of the most broken in the game. With the right attachments and the Akimbo Perk, the double-barrel is unmatched and is one-shotting anything that stands in its way.

However, the community is riled up over the “broken” loadout and are demanding Raven make some nerfs.

Akimbo Double Barrel WarzoneTreyarch/Activision
Vanguard’s double-barrel shotgun is causing quite the fuss in Warzone.

As always, complaints on Warzone’s subreddit about the broken Akimbo Double-Barrel have been all the talk recently. One player posted a clip of them being decimated by the overpowered loadout, which got the community talking.

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“There ain’t no way, you could barely see my head, they need to nerf this ASAP,” said the player, who didn’t even get a chance to react before being one-shot.

What makes it even more infuriating is that fact that almost all of their character was covered by a wall, but the damage done to their protruding head was enough to eliminate them and send them to the Gulag.

Players were generally in agreement that the devs need to handle the broken shotgun: “Yeah, this needs to be addressed for sure,” said Triple516. “Okay, this is extremely egregious,” said another player.

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Others had a totally different option in mind, suggesting that the devs remove the shotgun from the game entirely: “I don’t think they have to nerf this, I think they have to remove it from the game,” said Lookowood. “Not every weapon in every new CoD has to be in Warzone.”

Regardless of whether the devs decide to remove the double-barrel or nerf it, players will be happy to see significant changes to the shotgun, that will hopefully come soon.