Warzone players demand massive buff to forgotten tactical grenade


Warzone players usually don’t think twice about their lethal and tactical grenade selections. However, one Warzone player suggested a clever change for smoke grenades.

Tactical and Lethal equipment lacks the selection diversity seen in other classes. According to WZranked, players select heartbeat sensors 42% of the time, and stims have a 25% selection rate.

Warzone players only use smoke grenades in just over one percent of matches. In other FPS titles, such as CS:GO, or Valorant, smoke grenades and utilizing equipment play a crucial role. However, smoke grenades have never been included in the Warzone meta.

One Warzone player suggested a simple fix to make the tactical grenade more enticing.

Warzone players demand smoke grenade buff

A smoke grenade in Warzone's loadout menusActivision
The smoke grenade, while perfect for flanks, isn’t too popular in Warzone.

Smoke grenades can be an excellent tool for players trying to reposition or change an engagement angle. However, Reddit user candidbehavior claimed that combat scout and its short duration time are holding the tactical grenade back.

Combat scout is a perk that briefly gives away a player’s position when shot. It renders smoke grenades useless because enemies can see through the smoke.

The Warzone player suggested, “when a player is inside the smoke, hitmarkers should not apply to them when they get shot at.”

No hitmarkers registering would provide a counter to combat scout and increase the viability of thermal scopes.

One user liked their idea and stated, “this is actually smart. They should be buffed to add variety in the game, especially in lethals/tacticals and perks.”

A second player responded, “that idea makes quite a bit of sense.”

Warzone 2 wipes the slate clean for all progression and is “built from the ground up,” so players may not have to wait long for the smoke grenade rework they have been waiting for.