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Warzone players demand hit reg fix as problems return in February 5 update

Published: 5/Feb/2021 14:27 Updated: 5/Feb/2021 16:34

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty Warzone players are hoping for a few fixes after the February 5th patch brought back issues with hit registration, among other things. 

The February 5th update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone was a welcome one for many players, as it brought the return of Express, a Zombies map, and changes to Warzone. 

In particular, Warzone’s incredibly frustrating stim glitch was addressed and the Cold War weapons had the timing of ammo replenishment during empty reloads tweaked.

Though, upon fixing some problems, it appears as if Raven Software has created a few others. Players have reported issues with not being able to change operator, repeated game crashes, and hit registration – with the latter being incredibly frustrating once again. 


Warzone stim
The Stim glitch has long been one of the most controversial bugs in Warzone.

Hit registration was a big issue in the early days of Warzone, but it had seemingly gone away until the February 4th patch.

A whole host of players have complained about the issue cropping up again in some of their first matches on the new patch. “I was playing today and it was completely fine, but after the patch, I’m getting so many phantom bullets, no/delayed hitmarkers, and really weird aim assist,” posted Redditor Pollock04.

Another, MoJozzZ, added: “Well since the recent update there are no hitmarkers when you hit people, which actually really tilts me. Sort the game out, fix things instead of releasing an 11GB patch to fix hardly anything. Get your stuff together and fix the game.” 


Is anyone else having issue with bullet registration and hit markers since the patch? from CODWarzone

Others chimed in, confirming that the issue is back. “Same here! Came here to check out if I was the only one. Not only that but my reticle keeps disappearing randomly,” said one.” It looks like the hitmarker icon is loading in when you’re shooting,” added another. 

As of writing, the issue hasn’t made its way onto the Warzone Trello board of problems that are being looked into, but if its even more widespread, and more players complain, a fix will have to be found.