Warzone players demand fixes as “crazy” crashing and freezing problems continue

PS5 and Warzone Pacific Logo on Caldera backgroundActivision / Sony

Call of Duty players are calling on Raven Software to implement major changes to stop Warzone Pacific matches crashing and freezing mid-game, as the problems continue a month after Caldera’s launch. 

Despite the anticipation that surrounded Caldera and Warzone Pacific more generally, the update has thrown players into a world of bugs and glitches. We’ve seen the infamous demon gun glitch make an unwelcome comeback, as well as weapon invisibility issues in the Gulag.

The problems have been so significant that a number of the game’s most prominent content creators have hit out at Raven. While Dr Disrespect has claimed they should ditch Caldera completely, pro player Aydan has suggested he will move to another title altogether if the problems are not solved promptly.

One of the most major issues has been bizarre mid-game crashes, especially prevalent on consoles. PC players, though, have also been commenting that they have had the issues.

Capital in caldera mapActivision
Caldera has brought a welcome new environment, but also a number of issues.

A January 7 Reddit post from madfortune joked that “It’s so much fun to play on console right now!”

Attached was a video showing the player approaching a Buy Station, only for the game to freeze completely. Upon unfreezing, the player has already been eliminated by a nearby enemy.

The freezing, players said, either causes their game to crash or forces them to restart it completely.

Needless to say, it leads to countless deaths and inconveniences for affected players, with one ‘fix’ constituting the restarting of Warzone at the end of every single match. That’s not so much a fix as a long-winded and annoying workaround.

The crashing and freezing issues have been prevalent ever since Warzone launched but, a month on, have still not been comprehensively fixed by Raven. They are mainly thought to affect players on console but a number of PC players replied to say they have been affected as well.

Some players also suggested they are becoming more frequent, with one writing: “I can barely get through a game of quads without myself or a teammate getting disconnected mid-match.”

Another described them as “crazy” and called on the game’s devs to fix them ASAP. We can all get behind that sentiment.