Warzone players demand devs stop removing Rebirth Island in playlist updates

rebirth island water tower in warzoneActivision

Warzone players have been left frustrated over developers Raven Software’s decision to keep removing Rebirth Island in Season 5’s daily playlist updates.

For the launch of Season 5, Raven decided to introduce daily playlist updates, as opposed to the usual weekly changes that see different modes come in.

Much to the dismay of many Warzone players, though, this means that Rebirth Island is sometimes removed from the playlist options, replaced by LTMs or a wider selection on Caldera, for example.

The issue is, Rebirth Island became insanely popular after the launch of Warzone Pacific and the Vanguard integration — and taking it away is leaving some players very annoyed.

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Despite the immense popularity of the other small map Fortune’s Keep when it launched, Rebirth was still a fan favorite, and many stuck by it after Fortune’s Keep was released despite how many switched.

With the frequent playlist updates, players have taken to social media complaining about the fact that Rebirth keeps getting removed, wanting it to be made permanent.

Hoodville took to Twitter to say that Warzone is “ass” without Rebirth Island.

iTzHoLT said similar, claiming that Rebirth Island is “the only map keeping their game alive” and that it is “the definition of incompetence” to remove it.

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Others, like George_Marsh, begged for Raven to stop removing Rebirth in the playlist updates.

“Literally half the playerbase don’t want to play Caldera or FK, they’re both trash,” they said. “PLEASE stop removing rebirth and adding and changing things in the game literally no one asked for.”

With the current season being the last in Warzone, before Warzone 2 drops on November 16, it’s unclear whether Raven will decide to completely change their plans for the rest of the season.

Needless to say, though, there is a huge legion of dedicated Rebirth Island players hoping that Raven will revert their decision and keep the map in permanently for the coming months.

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