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Warzone players demand change to “worthless” Nebula Rounds

Published: 3/May/2022 14:13

by Jacob Hale


Season 2 of Warzone Pacific brought the Nebula V Rounds field upgrade and, after a few weeks of trying out the ammo rounds, players have some serious complaints and want to see change with them.

The Nebula Rounds arrived in Warzone and immediately became a source of frustration for victims, but the tides are starting to turn for some, who find them less of a help and more of a hindrance.

The ammo rounds release noxious gas when the enemy being hit is downed or killed, causing frustration for nearby teammates or even enemies.

While this sounds like it should be helpful to weed out opponents, some players say the opposite is actually occurring.


warzone nebula factories
Nebula ammo and bombs arrived in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

While the field upgrade has been pretty popular across Caldera and Rebirth Island, it might be losing steam among the Warzone player base for a couple of reasons.

“Aren’t nebula rounds just worthless,” asked Warzone player Abdullahbinalsafah. “If I kill someone with it I can’t loot their bodies without taking DMG and wasting plates, the only way they might be useful is if you sniped someone far away and his teammates cant raise [sic] otherwise they do more harm than good.”

Much of the comments are in agreement with the above post, too.

“I don’t even bother picking them up anymore,” one explained. “They make the target harder to see due to the smoke emitted. Not great, would not mind if they just take them out again.”


Others suggest that the field upgrade is good for getting a bit of extra ammunition in the early stages of the game, or to speed up the reload process on weapons, but by and large they don’t find them super helpful.

Whether this makes developers Raven Software re-assess Nebula Rounds and change or, as some players want, remove them completely, remains to be seen.