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Warzone players demand change to “overpowered” vehicles

Published: 30/Mar/2020 11:04 Updated: 30/Mar/2020 13:25

by Andy Williams


Given the size and scale of Call of Duty: Warzone’s map, there are a plethora of vehicles that allow easy transportation from Prison to Dam – but players aren’t happy with just how overpowered they are in the current meta.

Infinity Ward’s venture into the battle royale genre has gone down a treat. Over 30 million players dropped into Verdansk within the first 10 days, making it the fastest-growing non-mobile game ever.


Despite the game’s accolades, players still have a list of peeves that they would like addressed. From the clunky gas mask animation to Verdansk being seemingly overrun with hackers, Infinity Ward certainly have their work cut out to meet player demands.

Message in Call of Duty after getting Warzone victory.
A small minority of players have been cheating their way to victories, even offering their services for a fee.

However, one in-game element that has been gradually changing Warzone’s meta has been vehicles. Coming in all shapes and sizes, vehicles don’t just offer an easy way to traverse Verdansk — they also double-up as one of the most lethal weapons in the game!


Whether it’s a Tactical Rover or an SUV, players often use vehicles to run over their opponents, allowing one player to single-handedly take out an entire squad without even breaking a sweat.

So what’s the big issue? Just stay indoors, right? Well, no… As one Reddit user found out the hard way, nowhere is safe from the wrath of Warzone’s vehicles.

This is an issue, devs. It’s bad enough people drive these tanks around in the beginning of the match and grief people, now not even buildings protect us? I was clearly completely inside the building and no part of the truck’s rear was small enough to fit through the window. from CODWarzone

Even though the entirety of the Redditor’s player model was inside the building, they were completely wiped out by the Cargo Truck. And given the prevalent nature of Warzone’s vehicle troubles, plenty of players have used the Warzone subreddit to vent their frustrations.


Top streamers such as Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek have echoed the thoughts of the community, with Lazar labelling them as “overpowered” while Grzesiek suggested that they should be scrapped altogether.

It doesn’t just stop there. Another user aptly highlighted that enemies in the final circle often use the vehicle’s third-person POV to their advantage, as they scope out the competition and use their vehicle as a fortress on wheels.

Although, a simple solution was proposed: “A super-easy way to balance this is to make all vehicles, including the [helicopter], first-person only.”


Vehicles need to be FPP only to maintain integrity. from CODWarzone

So with vehicles becoming all the range in Warzone, Infinity Ward are seemingly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The developers can’t simply remove them, given the sheer enormity of Verdansk, so perhaps a first-person perspective is the only way to mitigate their dominance in the server?

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Open Beta patch notes: Control, new weapons, more

Published: 17/Oct/2020 18:28 Updated: 17/Oct/2020 18:54

by Albert Petrosyan


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is now open to all players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and as part of that, Treyarch have released a fresh set of patch notes detailing all of the latest changes and additions.

Finally, after watching their PS4 counterparts enjoy a whole weekend of the Black Ops Cold War Beta, those on Xbox One and PC who didn’t pre-order the game can now also try out the upcoming title’s testing period.


In addition to making it fully open to everyone, Treyarch also made some more changes and added new content, including a raised level cap, the addition of Control, and other gameplay updates, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

Raised level cap + new weapons, perks, more

Black Ops Cold War Open Beta schedule
The full schedule for the Black Ops Cold War Open Beta weekend.

As had been previously announced, the maximum level players can reach during the Beta has been raised from 31 to 40. This means that a lot more content is now available for users to unlock for their loadouts, including more guns, perks, scorestreaks, wildcards equipment, and Field Upgrades.


As far as the weapons go, the new ones that can now be chosen include the RPD light machine gun, RPG-7 rocket launcher, Magnum pistol, and more. The Quartermaster and Ninja perks are also now available, along with the Air Patrol and Chopper Gunner scorestreaks.

Rounding off this latest wave of new unlockables are the Perk Greed Wilcard, Decoy Grenade, Semtex, and the Jammer Field Upgrade.


Black Ops 4 Cold War Control
Control, which debuted in Black Ops 4, has now been added to the Black Ops Cold War Beta.

Control is a popular 6v6 game mode that originally debuted in Treyarch’s Black Ops 4 and has now been added to the BOCW Beta’s Quick Play selection menu for the remainder of the weekend.


In Control, there are two objectives on the map and teams are assigned to either capture or defend them, with there also being the option to simply wipe out the enemy side’s remaining lives.

Black Ops Cold War Beta October 17 update – patch notes


Control joins the Quick Play selection of 6v6 modes today in the Crossplay Open Beta. We’re excited to bring back this Black Ops 4 fan-favorite, where opposing teams fight to capture or defend two objectives on the map or wipe out the other team before running out of lives.


Each team of up to six players has 30 lives distributed among the team, injecting a new layer of strategy for both attacking and defending teams. Jump into Control this weekend on Cartel, Miami, and Moscow, and let us know what you think.



All players now have access to the following by reaching level 40:

    • RPD light machine gun
    • RPG-7 launcher
    • Magnum pistol + more
    • Quartermaster
    • Ninja
    • Air Patrol
    • Chopper Gunner
    • Perk Greed
    • Decoy
    • Semtex
    • Jammer


  • Fireteam: Dirty Bomb
    • Reduced the chances that players will join a match already in progress.
    • Reduced the spawn frequency of the Hind.
    • Reduced the drop rates of War Machine and Attack Helicopter Scorestreaks.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players joined a Fireteam: Dirty Bomb match and were assigned an invalid team.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb if a player disconnected while depositing Uranium.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when killing other players while in a vehicle that was just destroyed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Gunsmith button could be missing after selecting a new weapon.


  • Prevented the player’s name from being displayed in the Barracks menu if Real ID was enabled in Battle.net.

Barring any extensions, the Black Ops Cold War Beta is scheduled to end on Monday, October 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.