Warzone players demand big Modern Warfare weapon buff before MW2 release date

Warzone caldera map gameplayActivision

Warzone players are pleading for a Modern Warfare weapon buff leading up to the release of Modern Warfare 2 (2022). 

Call of Duty Vanguard weapons dominate the current Warzone meta. The NZ-41 recently overtook the STG44 as the most popular Warzone gun.

The top six most popular Warzone weapons on wzranked are from CoD Vanguard. The NZ-41 is selected at a rate %16.96, and the most popular Modern Warfare gun is selected at just %2.19.

There is currently a massive gulf in popularity between Vanguard and Modern Warfare weapons, but some Warzone players believe that gap will disappear closer to the Modern Warfare 2 release date in October.

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NZ-41 vanguard weaponActivision
The NZ-41 recently became the most popular weapon in Warzone.

Warzone players expect a Modern Warfare weapons buff

Reddit user General_Krig started a Reddit thread and said “right before MW2 comes out, they will put Modern Warfare 2019 on sale and buff a bunch of the Modern Warfare weapons in the last weeks or months of Warzone.”

Some Warzone players believe that CoD Vanguard weapons have been buffed by developers to sell more weapon skins and blueprints from the store.

General_Krig and other users in the thread believe that Activision will use the same marketing scheme to build up hype for Modern Warfare 2.

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M4A1 in Gunsmith with WZ Pacific logoActivision
The M4A1 is currently the most popular Modern Warfare weapon in Warzone.

Several users are excited over the prediction of a Modern Warfare weapon buff and would embrace it with open arms. One user said, “my loadouts are ready; wake me up when the update rolls out.”

Another user added, “honestly, I hope that a month before MW2 launches they reset us to the Kilo, Grau, MP5, Mp7 meta.” Someone else said, “please don’t give me hope like that”.

For now, Vanguard weapons reign supreme in Warzone, and only time will tell if this prediction comes true within the next few months.

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