Warzone players convinced night-time Al-Mazrah is coming after in-game find

Night tim eversion of al-Mazrah in Warzone 2Reddit: EMADALDEN221

Call of Duty Warzone fans are convinced a night mode is finally coming to Al-Mazrah after one of them discovered a few subtle changes in-game. 

When Warzone was first released as a part of Modern Warfare (2019), players quickly became enamored with Verdansk and its daytime setting. However, things went up another notch when a night-time version of the battle royale map dropped in-game.

That happened as a part of The Haunting event to celebrate Halloween and, ever since, players have been eager for night-time versions of other maps as well. The devs fulfilled those requests with a darkened version of Rebirth Island. 

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Well, with time running out on the Modern Warfare 2 cycle and probably Al-Mazrah as well, it appears that a night-time version of that will be coming to the battle royale before too long as well.

Warzone players believe a day-night cycle is coming to Al-Mazrah

That’s according to players who have been convinced a strange happening in-game, as buildings and lights are starting to shine brighter than they have before. 

Redditor McCloudUK sparked plenty of conversation about a night-time mode when they noticed that one of the buildings in Al-Mazrah had turned all of its lights on. “Was this building always lit up?” they asked. 

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Other players quickly noted that they hadn’t seen it like that before. “No, it wasn’t. Epic find OP, night mode in Al Mazrah is 100% coming,” replied one. “There was also some vehicles that had headlights activated accidentally for a time. Usually turned on after front-end damage. Day night cycle is definitely coming in Halloween event,” added another. 

Some other players hopped on board with the idea that it was possible that the things coming in a Halloween update had started bleeding in a little early. 

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We’ve already seen leaks stating that a ‘Haunting of Saba’ event will be coming in Season 6, which would happen right before Modern Warfare 3 releases. Though, we’ll have to wait and see if that comes true.

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