Warzone players concerned Vanguard melee will be even worse than Kali Sticks

Vanguard character meleeingActivision

A number of Warzone players have shared concerns about melee weapons ahead of Vanguard’s integration into the CoD battle royale, with many believing they could be even worse than the infamous Kali Sticks. 

The relative power of melees in Call of Duty: Vanguard has been a hot topic since its November 5 launch, with plenty of CoD fans calling on Sledgehammer to nerf them. Melees, particularly when paired with the WWII shooter’s bayonet attachment, have been denounced as overpowered.

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Reminiscent of MW2’s Commando Pro in the worst way, players with bayonets can melee incredibly quickly and over very large distances, offering little to no counter for the player on the receiving end.

This, paired with Warzone’s concurrent melee issues, has got many concerned over how they’ll play out when full Vanguard integration drops on December 8.

CoD Vanguard players demand a fix for broken bayonet meleeActivision
Bayonets are a weapon attachment in Vanguard, and can majorly boost a player’s melee ability.

A recent clip posted to Reddit sees Warzone’s melee problems highlighted, with a player ambushing an opponent who is camped in one of the map’s small storage sheds.

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However, despite opening fire on the opponent and a good few meters between them, the player is eliminated in a blur as their opponent pulls out the Baseball Bat and somehow connects.

They commented: “Why is this still in the game?”

Another post poked fun at the Bamboo Kali Sticks, highlighting their range and how they frequently – and inexplicably – outperform assault rifles in Warzone.

One reply reflected players’ worries that it will worsen with Vanguard integration, saying: “Wait for the Bayonet with the 20ft reach you will forget all about Bamboo Sticks.”

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Only time will tell how Vanguard’s mechanics are incorporated into Warzone, but plenty want to see pre-emptive nerfs to ensure they don’t drop in a problematic way.