Warzone players claim TTK has become “ridiculous” following Season 4 update

Joe Craven
Fortune's Keep map with WZ Pacific logo

Call of Duty: Warzone players have hit out at the game following recent updates, claiming that TTK, connection and more have become “ridiculous” in the new Fortune’s Keep environment. 

Warzone Season 4 dropped back on June 22 and has now had some time to bed into the CoD battle royale. We’ve seen players flock to the new Fortune’s Keep map, a smaller and faster multiplayer setting more similar to Rebirth Island.

Updates since then – on June 30 and July 1 – have rebalanced aspects of the Season 4 update that proved imperfect, like a nerf to the incredibly popular NZ-41 assault rifle.

However, a number of players have reported problems with the game in the wake of recent updates and the start of Season 4, pointing to problems over hearing enemies, connection, and time-to-kill (TTK).

Fortune's Keep from Warzone
Raven Software
Fortune’s Keep dropped with Season 4, and has proved a hit with players.

Speaking on Reddit, player ‘070119‘ criticized a seeming decrease in TTK with the new updates, claiming they are being eliminated before even having a chance to react.

“Anyone getting dropped after what feels like 3-4 shots?” they asked. “Playing Fortune’s Keep, I keep getting freaking laid out after what feels like 3-4 bullets, or at least sounds like 3-4 bullets. Am I the only one? Can’t even react, it’s ridiculous.”

Plenty of others responded to echo the comments. One said: “[You] get the drop on someone, instantly open fire & you die. Killcam shows you standing like a goon for a second before shooting. I swear I’m constantly 1 second behind.”

Another commented: “Same. Game has basically been unplayable for me for the last couple weeks.”

Raven have not commented publicly on the complaints from players, but many clearly feel that the BR’s connectivity and playability have taken a hit with recent updates. It is fairly common for large updates to have inadvertent effects so that is one potential cause for what players are experiencing.

Further patches moving forwards should iron out any issue and, hopefully, Warzone will feel back to its full potential for all players soon.