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Warzone players claim Season 3 map changes will benefit snipers despite planned nerf

Published: 23/Apr/2022 15:26

by Shay Robson


Warzone players have revealed their concerns about snipers being more overpowered with the expected map changes arriving with Season 3.

As the end of Season 2 nears, details about the upcoming Warzone Pacific Season 3 update, now known as Classified Arms, have been unveiled to fans, and it’s certainly shaping up to be a big one.

A ton of new weapons, features, and map changes are expected to hit the Caldera island come April 27, and we also can’t go without mentioning the ‘Operation Monarch‘ event that will focus on a Godzilla and King Kong crossover on May 11.

Additionally, the devs are anticipating a “meta shift for Snipers in Season 3,” as they noted specific nerfs to sniper rifles are currently in the pipeline. However, fans are still concerned the weapon class will still be overpowered with the expected map changes.


Warzone Season 3 Classified Arms
The Season 3 Classified Arms update is shaping up to be a big one.

With the Season 3 update set for release, fans took to Reddit to discuss the upcoming additions. With plenty of new POIs being added and other various modifications, the Caldera map changes were generally well-received.

However, Warzone player Lma0-Zedong noted that the foliage changes could lead to sniper rifles continuing to dominate the meta. “The problem with reducing foliage is that it will make snipers even more overpowered than what they are,” they said.

“The map has so little cover and so many open spaces, that reducing foliage and trees will only lead to more sniping, which is already running rampant on Caldera. The airstrip stuff is the most generic and bland thing I’ve ever seen, it’s an awful POI with nothing remarkable on it,” they claimed.


A few players agreed with their point too, but suggested that it might not just be snipers that are a headache. “With that much bland open space, I have a feeling you’ll get rocked with anything when you try to cross it,” said one. “This was always the problem in Verdansk, yet no seems to remember that,” added another.

With snipers expected to be hit with nerfs, we could potentially see them not used as much as players are anticipating. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.