Warzone players claim ‘scam’ free bundle actually costs CoD points

Warzone Pacific Store with Bundle OptionActivision

A bundle appeared to be free in the CoD store; However, some players feel deceived after losing 2000 CoD points by purchasing it.

Warzone’s long run is nearing a conclusion. Warzone 2 launches on November 16, and Activision confirmed Operators, weapon skins, and blueprints will not transfer over from the original Warzone.

The developers stated, “today’s Warzone will continue as a separate experience” and “will include a continuation of player progression.” Warzone 2 wipes the slate clean, completely resetting all progression, and is being “built from the ground up” using a new engine.

Fans of Caldera can rest easy knowing they will still be able to enjoy Warzone with all of their favorite cosmetic items for the foreseeable future. However, a CoD Store bug allegedly charges players for a free bundle.

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World Series of Warzone 2022 graphicActivision
The World Series of Warzone finals bid farewell to Caldera as Warzone 2 draws near.

World Series of Warzone CoD Store bundle bug

Reddit user Character-Pie-3389 said they claimed the World Series of Warzone bundle for free but were charged 2000 CoD points.

The bundle is free for all Warzone players with an Activision account and an Amazon Prime Account; however, Activision does not explicitly mention you need an Amazon Prime Account on the store menu.

The player said, “I just hope they give me the cod points back since I lost them through no fault of my own.”

One Warzone player responded, “same here; please update if you get a response from blizzard or Activision. They legit scammed us.”

A second user added, “What a scam; I should have expected nothing less.”

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Character-Pie-3389 also claimed “it even stated on the final confirmation page that it was a free bundle, so they better refund it.”

We will provide an update if Activision addresses the issue.