Warzone players claim Heartbeat Sensor is still ruining games despite huge nerf

Warzone players claim Heartbeat Sensor is still ruining games despite huge nerfActivision

Nothing is better for camping in Warzone than a Heartbeat Sensor. Despite its nerf in the Pacific update, players are still complaining that this piece of equipment is ruining the fun.

The new era of Warzone came out on December 8, bringing a huge overhaul to the battle royale.

With over 40 weapons in the game, a Dead Silence nerf, Stopping Power removed, and more, players are still upset about one change.

The Heartbeat Sensor was part of a list of nerfs made but the community still feels that this tiny screen is making Warzone worse.

heartbeat sensor warzoneAIDXN 69, Youtube / Infinity Ward
Warzone players are still upset with the state of the Heartbeat Sensor.

Warzone community not happy with Heartbeat Sensor nerf

The Heartbeat Sensor got a heavy nerf on December 8 as it saw its ping time increase from 3 seconds to 6.

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Despite this being labeled a “nerf” the Warzone community is still annoyed with this and thinks the game is better off without it.

The Reddit thread is full of players complaining about the piece of technology. One person said, “I shouldn’t be able to fly around a corner and beam an enemy because a piece of equipment showed me exactly where they were.”

People think that Warzone should be more tactical and force players to rely on their gun skill, not a mini UAV that reveals where you are on the map.

Another player has completely swapped away from normal BR modes and is playing the Vanguard exclusive one. “Hated the Heartbeat Sensor meta. But enjoying playing Vanguard Royale so much without it. F**k that free pocket UAV.”

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For now, if you are tired of the sensor then Vanguard owners can hop into the exclusive playlist that only has items and weapons from the current CoD. Alternatively, you can just run Ghost on every loadout and remain hidden from the,