Warzone players claim cheat free trials have brought hackers back in big way

Connor Bennett
Warzone character shooting gun on Fortune's keep map

Warzone players have been left dismayed by an apparent rise of cheaters following the Season 4 update, with some claiming wall hacks are more prominent than ever. 

Ever since Call of Duty: Warzone was first released, Activision and the battle royale’s development teams have been locked in a never-ending war with cheaters and hackers.

Before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, many top players turned their backs on Warzone and made other games their home as aim botters, wall hackers, and god mode abusers ruined matches over and over again.

The devs have, of course, landed a big blow to hackers with the implementation of the Ricochet anti-cheat, but plenty of cheaters still slip through the cracks. Now, following the Season 4 update, players believe that cheaters have upped their game and struck back with a vengeance.

RICOCHET anti cheat logo
RICOCHET was first introduced back in December, but players have had their doubts on whether it’s working.

That’s right, if you believe the number of cheaters has increased again in the last few weeks, you’re not alone. Plenty of players have been left annoyed by an apparent influx of new accounts heading into battle with either wall hacks or an aimbot.

“Tons of cheaters this past week,” said Redditor elSteele25, who asked if anyone else had noticed the same thing. “Some cheat providers that were gone are back now, so… yeah, more cheaters,” said one player. Others noted that cheat providers have, apparently, been offering free trials again and that could be the reason why. “A popular cheat company was offering free wall hacks last week,” said Dr_VanNstrnd.

“I have been playing even more than usual after the season 4 update but stopped playing this week due to the amount of new accounts with 6-7KD that are blatantly cheating,” added another.

Some commented that the rise of cheaters had made things a “nightmare” and they’re “glad to just finish a game” as it currently stands.

It’s not unusual for cheaters and trolls to try their luck around a holiday weekend, given most of the dev team will be on vacation. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if they’re able to keep ruining games or if another few ban waves will be sent out.