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Warzone players claim big aiming change will “reduce skill gap” with slower TTK

Published: 10/Jan/2022 12:23 Updated: 10/Jan/2022 12:27

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone fans have hit out at Raven Software, claiming they’re trying to reduce the skill gap with their planned change to the battle royale’s Time-To-Kill.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard taking over Warzone, many fans had high hopes for the battle royale as it moved away from Verdansk. However, things have been a little bumpy in the early goings of the integration.

Raven Software has, already, dropped a few updates to get things ironed out – including tweaking a few weapons, trying to address bugs with the new map, as well as a few other things.


They’ve also revealed that they plan to raise the TTK of all guns by lowering weapon ADS (Aim Down Speed) – a change that has been lambasted by Warzone pros and content creators alike. Some fans have also weighed in, claiming it’s a move to slower the skill gap between players.

Warzone character holding a raven in snow
Raven have been planning to tweak TTK for some time.

The claim was put out there by Redditor DefunctHunk_COD, who suggested that they should have gone down the route of increasing health ala Iron Trials, rather than messing with ADS.

“This (change) benefits the players that play slower and more defensively, i.e. those sitting inside the building, pre-aiming the corner. Camping and pre-aiming will become much more dominant,” they said. “This is just another step in lowering the skill ceiling and catering towards lower-ability players.”


Other fans agreed with the take, especially in that it’ll increase camping and more long-range fights. “They should just keep the game as is. There’s no need to make any of these ridiculous changes,” added one. “At the end of the day, the vast majority of the player base is not good at the game. They are average at best and it’s a business decision to cater to your biggest market,” commented another.

Raven’s plan to "increase TTK" by raising ADS times is actually just another step in reducing the skill gap between good and bad players. from CODWarzone

Some fans suggested that the change will encourage players to run more sniper and hip-fire weapon classes, as they’re likely to benefit from the changes.


Of course, not everyone agrees, pointing to the fact that Raven had previously stated that they wanted to increase TTK at some point. “They already did it once, with a major balancing update that nerfed the TTK of a ton of different guns,” one fan said. “They’re clearly interested in increasing TTK, which raises the skill gap overall.”

It remains to be seen as to how these changes will shake out, but clearly, some fans are concerned.