Warzone players claim Battle Hardened buff in Season 5 is broken

battle hardened perk in cod warzoneActivision

Battle Hardened has been on the receiving end of some changes in Warzone Season 5, but players are already questioning if it’s been updated at all.

For the longest time, players have questioned the disorientating capabilities of Stun Grenades as many have believed that they are too effective during a game of Warzone.

This is where Battle Hardened is supposed to come into effect. The Perk originally offered 50% resistance to Stun Grenades, whereas it’s now providing 80% resistance following the raft of Warzone Season 5 changes.

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However, several players have already complained that this staggering new resistance percentage is not even remotely accurate. Not only that, but one player showed off an example of how Battle Hardened seems to react to Stun Grenades at present.

Battle Hardened Perk not working in CoD Warzone Season 5?

The Equipment meta has certainly fluctuated since Warzone’s debut with various devices being the go-to for most players. Heartbeat Sensors were king until they were nerfed in Warzone Pacific, and Stims have also been another sound option too.

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Stun Grenades though, provide extreme debilitating effects that can allow one player to kill a stunned player with very little fightback.

But even with the new and improved Battle Hardened Perk equipped, Reddit user digital_zero showed that it might not be worth swapping to it anytime soon.

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In their video, the user, who claimed to have Battle Hardened equipped, was being shot, and after reloading and regaining themself, they were suddenly pelted with a Stun Grenade — disabling them in the process.

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Luckily, they were able to scramble and get into cover, and whilst we don’t know what happened after, the impact made by the Stun Grenade was telling.

The OP declared that: “The Battle Hardened buff against stuns is not working,” and elaborated further: “I grabbed a loadout with Battle Hardened at the start of the clip and then was very shortly after stunned, so I figured it was a good demonstration of the buff not working as intended. The stun in this case ended up lasting ~3.5 seconds despite having the perk, which I don’t think even matches the previous intended value of ~50% reduction.”

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A few users thought that the update to the Perk was coming in-season, but nowhere in the patch notes does it say that that’s the case.

This led to one player saying: “Well, it would be far from the first time that the patch notes didn’t match the patch.”

The evidence does seem to be quite damning, and with the news that another Serpentine nerf is coming mid-season, maybe Battle Hardened hasn’t quite received the update just yet — stay tuned.

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