Warzone players call on devs to make removal of planes from Vanguard Royale permanent

Warzone Vanguard Royale Bomber PlaneActivision

Disgruntled Warzone players have called on developers Raven to make the temporary removal of Fighter and Bomber planes in Vanguard Royale permanent, claiming the game is far better without them. 

Since Caldera dropped at the back end of 2021, Vanguard Royale has been the main mode for Warzone players to experience. Up to 150 players are thrown into the Pacific environment, with Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons omitted.

The mode, following the launch of Season Two on February 14, has also seen the implementation of Fighter and Bomber planes. There were more changes made to Vanguard Royale in early March, seeing health increased by 50 points and UAVs re-added to Buy Stations.

Those changes have proved popular – but not as popular as the removal of Fighter and Bomber planes, which also came on March 4.

Warzone Bomber PlaneActivision
Bomber Planes have been removed from Vanguard Royale.

Both planes have been removed as a result of crashing problems, and many players appear to prefer the battle royale without the aerial threats.

A Reddit post from Warzone player ‘Nintendo_Pro_03’, called on Raven to leave them out of the mode for good, saying: “Good. Raven, please do not add these vehicles back to Vanguard Royale.”

Attached was an image of the Raven announcement that the planes will be removed temporarily taken out of Vanguard Royale.

The sentiment proved incredibly popular on Reddit as well, with many players echoing the assertions that they should be left out for good.

At the time of writing, the post sits at over 500 upvotes, and plenty of players replied with similar comments.

One said: “Hopefully this issue persists until the end of time and they never get added back.” Another commented: “The bug we all needed and deserved.” Naturally, some players disagreed and suggested planes augment the Warzone experience.

Regardless of fan opinion, we can still expect Raven to add them back as soon as the problems are identified and fixed.