Warzone players call for vital gameplay & movement changes with Vanguard switch

Warzone characters firing weapons as explosions happen around themActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone fans have got a few changes they’d like to see made once the move to integrate Vanguard happens, even though they might not be the most game-changing of tweaks. 

With Call of Duty: Vanguard on the horizon, Warzone fans have started to theorize about some of the changes that could be coming to the battle royale.

How will World War 2-style guns match the modern-day weapons of Modern Warfare? How will the new map affect things? And just how will three games’ worth of content be able to work in tandem?

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These are all pretty big questions, but for some players, they just want smaller changes to make things better for each game and follow in the footsteps of some other battle royale titles.

bocw warzoneActivision
The integration of Vanguard looks set to be far bigger than the previous Black Ops Cold War integration.

Redditor maybe-yeah flagged the notion that, for most players, the biggest headaches revolve around hackers and a stale weapon meta, but for others, they want to be able to scale objects like rocks and barrels.

It’s always been a confusing aspect of Warzone, not being able to traverse areas that seem pretty walkable. As a result, others agreed and noted that they want similar under-the-radar changes.

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“Can we have consistent jump through windows? Some windows you have to crouch, some you can’t get into from one of the directions,” added one fan. “I just want a manual toggle on the gas mask…,”stated another. While others just want to be able to shoot through obstacles that seem shootable. “If someone can shoot us through a railing can we please be able to shoot back and actually get hit markers?!

While these quality of life (QOL) fixes would address issues for every platform, there are still some outstanding consoles issues that players want to be fixed. Players want the option to separate the button needed to revive a player and open a door.

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This has caused plenty of headaches before where players can’t revive their teammates behind a door as the inputs cancel each other add.

The switch to Vanguard should bring a huge number of changes so, maybe, some of these will finally be addressed.

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