Warzone players call for more FARA 83 nerfs after June 30 update

. 1 year ago
warzone player using fara 83

On June 30, Warzone devs Raven Software rolled out a new update, in which the meta FARA 83 was nerfed alongside the new C58 assault rifle and the Nail Gun SMG.

The FARA has quickly become dominant in the Warzone meta, a long-range AR that can melt opponents with little to no recoil.

While the update has since been rolled back due to “an ongoing issue,” players did get to play around a bit with the newly-nerfed FARA — and quickly found that not much had changed.

The patch notes said that the recoil had been “slightly increased” on both the FARA and C58, but the former felt almost entirely like the same gun, leaving players somewhat confused.

FARA 83 Warzone loadout
The FARA may have been nerfed, but it’s still going strong.

Similar to the AMAX before it, the FARA has been the go-to AR, but Raven are obviously looking to bring it more in line with the other weapons in its class.

While players were happy to welcome a slight FARA nerf to allow a more diverse meta, the update really didn’t change much, and players such as singhthering are calling for an even bigger nerf to the gun.

“The “nerf” to the FARA 83 did absolutely nothing to it,” they said. “We need more Raven!” The Reddit post received hundreds of upvotes and comments in support of it, some questioning whether it was even really nerfed.

The top comment on the post even suggests that the problem doesn’t lie solely with the FARA itself, but with the idea of a “long-range AR” being part of the game.

Joecalone said that “AR recoil across the board should be significantly increased so that they’re great for medium-range but won’t beat out other classes at close/long range.” This, in turn, would make weapon classes such as LMGs better, too, they said.

So while the update was rolled back, we should still expect the FARA nerf to be in place when it’s reinstated into the game. The question, though, is whether Raven decides to nerf it further, making the other assault rifles more viable in Verdansk.

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