Warzone players call for change to overpowered Radar jammer in Season 4

Raven Software reduced the drop rate of Radar Jammers in the Season 3 Reloaded Update, but Warzone players are still not satisfied with the “overpowered” Field Upgrade. 

The Radar Jammer Field Upgrade was introduced to Warzone in the Season 3 Reloaded update. 

Radar Jammers scramble player mini-maps for 45 seconds and have a radius of 125 meters. Players within the radius are not able to use Killstreaks, Heartbeat Sensors, see the circle, or see pings from teammates when they are downed, as well as blurring the minimap.

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The Warzone developers reduced Radar Jammer drop rate chances in Rebirth Resurgence during Season Three Reloaded, and the Season 4 patch notes confirm that Radar rate drop rate chances were also reduced in Fortune’s Keep.

Some Warzone players still believe that the Radar Jammer drop rate is too high and either the 125-meter radius or the drop rate needs to be further adjusted.

smuggler's cove warzone season 4Smugglers Cove is a primary POI in Fortunes Keep.

Warzone players are not happy over Radar Jammer drop rate

Reddit user BewareDinosaurs created a Reddit thread and said, “Radar Jammers are a fine part of the game but there’s way too many. It would be better if they were rarer instead of me just ignoring the mini-map most of the time since it’s buzzed out.”

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The thread received hundreds of upvotes and a number of players responded voicing similar frustrations.

One user said: “They shouldn’t be in the game. It completely disrupts everyone in the massive radius for entirely too long. You can’t see the gas line, zone direction, teammates, and buys. If they want to leave them in it should be like a 10 purchase, not a free ground drop.”

Another person stated that “The radius needs to be small. While in Rebirth Island, one Jammer would jam 1/4th of the map.”

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The Radar Jammer covers the blue area seen in the tweet above and it basically takes out an entire corner of the Rebirth Island map.

It’s still early days for Fortune’s Keep in Warzone, so time will only tell if the Radar Jammer becomes an even bigger problem on the new map.

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