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Warzone players call for Caldera changes after Rebirth Solo success

Published: 28/Mar/2022 23:20 Updated: 5/Apr/2022 6:33

by Marc Griffin


Warzone players have reacted positively to Season 2 Reloaded’s Rebirth Solo success. So now, they’re calling for devs to make similar changes to Caldera’s mode.

Season 2 Reloaded was released on March 23 and shook up the Call of Duty community. The mid-season update brought new content in the form of the Armaguerra 43 and more quality of life features that elevated the solo experience for Warzone players.

In the process, Raven Software have also upped the quality of Rebirth Island, giving the map an expansion and a series of community challenges, causing it to be more popular than it has ever been since its release.


As Warzone players begin to settle in with the mid-season change and enjoy solo runs on the newly updated Rebirth Island, they’re calling for the CoD devs to give similar changes to Caldera.

Caldera in Warzone
Warzone season 2 gave Rebirth Island some updates that players want to see on Caldera

Warzone players want Caldera to get the Rebirth Island treatment

In a Twitter post by streamer JGOD, he tweeted a screenshot of a poll asking Warzone players if they preferred Caldera or Rebirth Island solo play. The poll illustrated how strong Rebirth Island’s solo success has been since the update as the close-quarter map blew Caldera out the water, with 88% of players preferring the former.

As the poll suggests, Warzone players have turned their backs on Caldera, opting for Rebirth Island solos to be the superior of the two.


One Twitter user said, “I’m not typically a Rebirth guy, but I definitely had way more enjoyment when I played rebirth solos on Friday than I ever had playing BR solos (Verdansk or Caldera).

Warzone players have often criticized Caldera for being a map full of space that is in dire need of updates. The community thinks, giving Caldera an update that picks up the speed of matches and leans into restructuring the map would breathe some much-needed life into an otherwise dead alternative.

It will be interesting to see what will happen to Caldera Solos after the immediate success Warzone have had with the revitalized Rebirth Island.


Raven Software have been known to make interesting changes to modes that the fan base has both vocally supported and disapproved. So, only time will tell if they listen to the fans and give Caldera a much-needed makeover or not.