Warzone players blast “unplayable” Season 6 as casual fans move to other games

Warzon e character firing with logoActivision

Warzone players have questioned the casual presence in Season 6, suggesting that the majority of players are those who have invested significant time, and money, into the battle royale. 

Among the controversies Warzone has experienced since its launch, skill-based matchmaking has been fairly high on the list. It sees players put into lobbies with opponents of similar skill levels, and brings no shortage of contention with it.

However, players generally report some casual opponents amongst those designed to challenge them. The number of casual opponents seems to be falling though, with plenty of players sharing their frustrations regarding Season 6.

Warzone season 6 key artTreyarch/Raven Software/Activision
Warzone is now heading towards its third integration with another mainline CoD title.

Redditor 0ver-Loaded made the point on October 22, asking whether the “casuals” have switched Warzone out for other titles.

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“I play a couple of hours a week and the game is unplayable at times,” they said. “Every team seems to have the latest blueprints and skins which they’ve paid for where as I’m someone who’s put no money into the game it feels like I’m at a disadvantage. So have all the casuals moved on to playing something else?”

Others commented with their agreement, with one saying: “My brother and I play like 5-6 hours a week and I totally agree. The game is not very enjoyable anymore, plus the updates haven’t been the most exciting.”

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A host of self-proclaimed casuals also replied, stating that they have moved on to other games. Far Cry 6, Apex Legends, and New World were all among the titles ex-Warzone players appear to have moved on to.

It’s true that a large portion of Warzone’s most prominent content creators have also moved away from the game of late, with many going to rival Apex Legends.

However, with Warzone finally adding an anti-cheat system – RICOCHET – during the Vanguard integration, things could turn around.

With the arrival of a new game, casual fans could return in their droves, but it seems Season 6 lobbies will stay full of diehard players.

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