Warzone players blast devs as “game-breaking” audio ruins Season 4 Reloaded

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Warzone players have blasted the game’s devs, claiming that the BR’s audio has deteriorated even more after Season 4 Reloaded and is now “game-breaking” and “absolute garbage”. 

Warzone has had a number of invasive issues since it launched back in March 2020, with bugs, glitches, and cheating all dominating the discourse around the CoD battle royale.

One of the less-prominent problems is game audio, crucial in a BR so players know when and where enemies are moving in to eliminate them. 

However, there have long been complaints from players that the game’s audio is lacking, with many claiming it does indicate enemy locations nearly as well as it should. 

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Warzone players claim audio is “worse” after Season 4 Reloaded

Now, following July 28’s Season 4 Reloaded patch, players are claiming the game’s audio is even more problematic than it was previously. 

One player highlighted their issues in a July 31 Reddit post, asking whether it has “sunk to a game-breaking level” for other players too. Over 100 upvotes at the time of writing suggests it has. 

“I can’t hear sh*t,” they complained. “I could have two guys sprinting behind me and hear nothing whatsoever. People climbing up ladders right next to me without dead silence and there’s 0 audio. Watch a kill cam of a player sprinting in circles in a room directly next to me and I would think I was alone in the building. I feel like it wasn’t this bad a few weeks ago?”

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Echoing the sentiment was another Redditor who claimed audio has become even worse than they thought was possible. 

They commented: “Footstep audio is absolute garbage still, but now I can’t even hear someone cutting off their parachute and landing on top of my head (this used to be a very obvious sound).”

Naturally, players want consistently good audio to ensure they’re always aware of their surroundings and minimize unnecessary deaths. 

Right now, Warzone’s audio isn’t delivering. Raven have not responded to the complaints but any future updates could well look to address players concerns over troublesome audio. 

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