Warzone players beg Raven Software to remove “Big Berthas” from Solo lobbies

. 1 year ago
Warzone truck gameplay

Trucks have become more and more prominent through Warzone Season 3, with players now begging Raven Software to remove the ‘Big Berthas’ from Solo playlists.

Vehicles have almost always been a popular attraction in Call of Duty’s battle royale. Nabbing one early, dropping a Trophy System on top, and cruising through Verdansk can be the most efficient way of hunting down kills.

However, Cargo Trucks in particular have become increasingly prominent over the past few weeks. With Season 3 now in full swing, Berthas have taken hold of the Solo meta.

Just about everyone is dropping in and immediately looking to secure one of the six-wheelers. It’s gotten to the point where if you’re left stranded, the lobby is more or less unwinnable. 

“The current state of Warzone Solos,” one player showcased on Reddit with a clip of five Berthas grouped together. They weren’t attacking each other as the most effective means of securing a win is to simply wait in the vehicle as the circle shrinks.

Due to their tanky build, Cargo Trucks can sustain a huge amount of damage. Any players on the ground will need to get lucky in killing the driver. That, or work together to disable even just one of the late-game behemoths.

“If you have a Bertha, drive in circles and hope the zone pulls to you,” Reddit user ‘CitizenKeane’ explained in the comments. Unsurprisingly, the community is demanding trucks be removed from Solos altogether.

Even as far back as March, players have been sounding the alarm on the Bertha meta. “It’s impossible to counter this,” players explained, asking Raven Software to pull the controversial vehicles.

While the devs are yet to address the issue head on, outright disabling Berthas wouldn’t be a first. In fact, vehicles have been removed from Warzone a number of times in the past.

At various stages early on, armored trucks were simply all too powerful. Other times, vehicles were disabled due to game-breaking bugs.

Removing them from Solos in Season 3 wouldn’t be an unprecedented move. With enough demand from the community, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until the Bertha controversy comes to an end.

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