Warzone players baffled by pay to lose bundle ruining weapon accuracy

Joe Craven
Warzone Pacific next to Shadow Outcast skin

Warzone fans have been left scratching their heads over a bundle that appears to throw players’ aim completely out of whack, leading to some branding it as “pay to lose.”

Warzone’s optics and bundles have been largely well-received by the community, with many praising the unique and ambitious crossovers Activision have been able to implement. We’ve seen John McClane and Rambo make their way into the CoD BR and, most recently, an Attack on Titan crossover to leave Anime fans salivating.

While the aim of all of them is to be cosmetic only – meaning they do not offer players who buy them any tangible advantage in-game – some, like the Roze skin, have been criticized as ‘pay to win.’

The Shadow Outcast Shigenori skin, though, falls into the category of ‘pay to lose.’

Curse of the Ancients Bundle in WZ store
The Curse of the Ancients Bundle is causing problems.

Redditor Arbeast21 highlighted the problems whilst using the NZ-41 in Warzone. While firing, their crosshairs and bullets do not line up with where they are actually aiming.

At first, the player suspected it was a problem with the weapon or its attachments, but corroboration from other Redditors quickly confirmed that the issue occurs when the Shadow Outcast Shigenori skin is equipped.

One replied with: “It’s the operator skin most likely I had the same issue!”

It appears the problems have been in Warzone for some time, with YouTube videos from December suggesting the skin was to blame.

The reticle in the video has the exact same problem as reported on Reddit, so the issue does appear to be caused by the skin, despite some suggestions that the reticle could be glitched.

At the time of writing, Warzone’s devs have not responded to the problems but, with players essentially paying 2,400 COD Points for a skin that inhibits accuracy, we expect to see a pretty prompt fix for the problems moving forward.

It joins the long list of things Raven need to look into.