Warzone players are secretly teaming up in Rebirth Island solos

Rebirth Island mapActivision

Warzone ‘Solos’ may not be as individual as they appear as suggestions have been made that players are sneakily teaming up in the mode to secure a safer passage to easier wins.

Rebirth has quite literally had a resurgence thanks to the Warzone Season 2 update. The map has received some notable changes and tinkering, the concept of vaults has made a triumphant return, and the odd cheeky Easter Egg has been thrown in for good measure too.

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Players have generally been very pleased with the inclusion of a Rebirth Solo variation, but unbeknownst to many, not all combatants are playing the game the way it’s meant to be intended.

overhead shot of rebirth island in cod warzoneActivision
The new changes to Rebirth have been embraced by the community.

Rebirth Solos as a duo?

One Warzone Reddit player’s friend had informed them that they were being ganged up on in Rebirth solos, and to corroborate these claims, they were sent an interesting screenshot that appeared to confirm those thoughts.

“My friend was telling me that sometimes two players or two teams will work together because they started up the match at the same time and ended up in the same lobby,” the player said.

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“I didn’t believe him, but he sent me a YouTube clip which I screenshotted of him getting targeted by two players in Rebirth solos. Is this common?”

In the photo, the player can clearly see two players directly in front of them, standing next to each other, not attacking each other. Bizarrely, they are both targeting the player.
This is apparently not an uncommon sight though as a few users waged in with their own similar experiences.
“It’s not common but it happens. I’ve run into 2 or 3 groups during my time playing Warzone since launch,” another player said, whereas someone else claimed: “In Verdansk, I had a random Xbox chat invitation sent to me at the start of a match. It was from a guy that randomly sent out invites to team up. He told me to spray paint each other so we could identify each other as friendlies. I haven’t run into that situation since.”
Have you ever had anything like this happen to you before? Because one thing is for sure, you do need to be extra mindful of secret duos and trios when playing solos it seems.

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