Warzone players are flaming the “repulsive” Tracer Pack anime bundle

warzone anime bundleActivision

Warzone players are grabbing their torches and pitchforks in reaction to the new anime Tracer pack bundle.

It took Activision two tries to nail its Attack on Titan crossover. Warzone players initially flamed the developers for a “dollar-store” Captain Levi skin.

In February, Warzone added an “Armored Titan” Bundle, and players obsessed over the new and improved AoT collab.

Modern Warfare 2019 added a generic Anime bundle.The developers opted to add a similar generic anime bundle this time around, and Warzone players were not as receptive to the new operator and weapon skins.

call of duty vanguard warzone attack on titan armored titan bundleActivision / Funimation
Warzone previously added an Armored Titan anime bundle.

Warzone players roast new anime bundle

CharlieINTEL shared a clip of the anime weapon inspection feature in action.

The H4 Blixen blueprint allows players to dance after pressing buttons on the weapon.

A Warzone fan created a Reddit thread asking for opinions on the anime bundle, and players didn’t hold back their disdain.

One player said, “I can’t wait for MW2 so we can leave this clown show behind for a while.”

A second user added, “It’s terrible. It makes me physically cringe. That said, the people who grew up playing CoD are no longer the target audience. The Fortnite crowd is, and that’s what sells.”

Agreeing with the sentiment, a Warzone player argued, “terrible, and it’s not up for discussion.”

It looks as though the developers will have to go back to the drawing board just as they did after their first Attack on Titan bundle.