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Warzone players are convinced the Ghost perk is still broken

Published: 26/Dec/2020 16:02 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 16:27

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty: Warzone players are still convinced that the Ghost perk is not operating as it should in the battle royale, despite developers insisting that issues are purely visual and the perk is functioning perfectly. 

Warzone, as was to be expected with any battle royale of its size, has been plagued by bugs and glitches in the months since its launch. From the infamous ‘demon gun glitch’ to ‘infinite stim’, it’s fair to say that all players will have been affected by an issue from time to time.

One feature around which a few glitches (and much discussion) has taken place is the Ghost perk. Designed to hide players from enemy UAVs, it can be acquired by selecting a class with it equipped from a Loadout Drop.


However, much debate has taken place about its strength and particularly how it interacts with Heartbeat Sensors.

Infinity Ward
The Heartbeat Sensor has been controversial in Warzone because of its strength.

In short, Heartbeat Sensors are not supposed to be able to display player locations if the player is using Ghost. However, killcams have been showing enemies using the sensors, with the eliminated player showing up despite using Ghost.

Developers Infinity Ward have previously stated that it is merely a graphical killcam glitch, and that players are not being picked up by sensors if they are running Ghost. That hasn’t convinced players, though.

Redditor ‘u/RealUserID’ posted: “Heartbeat detects through Ghost perk again. I just watched on the replay. Guy holding HBS out. Only one dot blips… exactly where I was, he turns and finds me exactly where it shows.”


[BUG] Heartbeat detects through Ghost perk again. (S1:CW Dec26) from r/CODWarzone

Some respondents were quick to comment that it is a visual bug, and it only appears on killcams. Others however, argued that it is still occurring far too frequently to be a visual bug.

“I’ve heard people say this but like [original poster] I’ve watched people use the sensor, see me on it, and turn specifically to where it was looking for me,” one said. “Could be a crazy coincidence but doesn’t feel like it.”

“I noticed the same thing since the update,” another echoed. “People just said to me too that the players are cheating or that it’s just a visual glitch (because it was at some point a few months back), but I am completely certain that you are right and sometimes ghost simply does not work. I have seen too many killcams like this.”


Infinity Ward maintains that the issue is a visual bug in killcams only, but some users allege it has been happening too frequently for their liking. Whether Warzone’s devs will ever release a fix for the visual issues remains to be seen, but it would certainly go a long way to calming players’ concerns.