Warzone players are being frozen to the spot on Fortune’s Keep map

Nathan Warby
Warzone Fortune's Keep map

Warzone’s brand-new Fortune’s Keep map has been a big hit since it was introduced in Season 4, but a bizarre bug that freezes players after going prone is ruining matches and causing unfair deaths.

Warzone Season 4 came with a boatload of changes to the CoD battle royale, from new weapons to plenty of nerfs and buffs. The most exciting addition, however, was the introduction of an entirely new map in the form of Fortune’s Keep.

The smaller map was released as another option to the usual Caldera experience and fans seemed to love it immediately, with some even preferring it to Rebirth Island.

However, it has been plagued by a handful of issues, from out-of-map exploits to wall glitches. The latest weird bug sees players trapped after going prone to avoid enemy fire.

The issue was raised by Reddit user Gerbytron, who shared a clip of the glitch which cost him a match during the final circle. They ran to cover to try and evade an incoming airstrike and went prone behind some boxes.

When they tried to stand back up and get back in the fight, they were met with a “prone blocked” message at the top of the screen. This usually indicates that an object above the player is preventing them from standing back up, however, there didn’t appear to be an obstacle.

To make matters worse, when they tried to crawl out of the situation, they seemed to be frozen in place and unable to move forwards or backward. Unsurprisingly, this led to a cheap death and an embarrassing killcam.

Other users seemed to agree that the player was stuck on a broken part of the map, and also reported that similar issues had affected them in different places around Fortune’s Keep.

“This happened to me but from a street curb,” said one reply. “Same happened to me yesterday, but in the watchtower at Winery on Fortune’s Keep. The precision ended up hitting me, freeing me from the glitch, but of course, I died up there then,” explained another.

Unfortunately, there is no way of identifying every glitched spot that players should avoid. One player did offer a solution, however, claiming that using a stim when stuck in prone can sometimes break the bug.

It’s safe to assume that Raven will be working on a fix for these bizarre issues, but in the meantime be careful where you take cover when playing on Fortune’s Keep.